Message from the Management

The strong competitive business conditions of among manufacturers demand a cost-competitive and technologically optimal set of services and products in accordance with the strictest sanitary and environmental requirements, and quality standards.

Throughout its 30-year tradition, Brinox has successfully demonstrated the ability to successfully achieve the high manufacturing requirements of modern business. With consistent innovation and flexible approach to our clients, we realize our mission of developing turnkey high-tech process innovations in the service of optimizing the production systems of process industries.

In Brinox, we face new challenges in process engineering with optimism based on knowledge, professionalism, and respect for for humans and theirs capabilities. At the same time we show our flexibility, that we are not only in step with the time and the local environment in which we operate, but that we can anticipate complex process problems, and that we can globally respond to them quickly and effectively, anytime, anywhere.

We will accompany you the entire way from a problem to a comprehensive process solution tailored to your needs in order to develop process improvements for the smooth operation of your production, and provide you with the necessary competitive edge.

Entrust us with your process requirements and allow us to improve the quality of life of your end consumer, and fully prepare your respected company for future process challenges.

Igor Berce, Managing Director


  • 1983: The development and production of rustproof hygienic valves, pumps, and fittings
  • 1992: The establishment of the company BRINOX, d.o.o., and relocation to new premises in Sora
  • 1993: The modernization of the production line for hygienic valves and pumps
  • 1994: The development and patenting of the dual-seat mix-proof valve
  • 1997: The establishment of the automation and technology department
  • 1998: Manufacture of the first complete technological production lines and the establishment of the assembly group for rustproof pipelines and systems
  • 2000: The expansion of production capacity, and further expansion of the plate metal shop. According to the information given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we ranked third most successful company in machine manufacture in the period from 1995 to the year 2000
  • 2001: The company expands into the pharmaceutical industry
  • 2002: Pharmaceutical implementation of valves, pumps, and fittings. Manufacture and assembly of systems in the pharmaceutical industry
  • 2003: Development of a system for drying towers and integrated pharmaceutical systems
  • 2004: Certification of the company and personnel for the manufacture of pharmaceutical process systems in accordance with the guidelines of good manufacturing practice (FDA) and TÜV. Certification of authorized licensed inspectors for NDT inspection in the EU and the USA
  • 2006: The design and implementation of an integrated technology production line for the manufacture of injection solutions (the most demanding segment in the pharmaceutical industry) with the exception of packaging
  • 2009: Certified by IS0 9001:2008 (TÜV) and EHEDG (dual-seat hygienic valve). Brinox debuts as exhibitor at the international fairs Achema (Frankfurt) and Pharmtech (Moscow)
  • 2010: Signing the first major deal in the food industry in the Russian Federation.
  • 2011: Certifications to ISO 14001. Establishing a representative office in Moscow. Exhibiting at the trade fair TechnoPharm in Nuremberg. Signing the first major deal in the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation.
  • 2012: Exhibiting at the trade fair Achema in Frankfurt. Brinox d.o.o. celebrates its 20th anniversary of official existence, with the total number of employees exceeding 100 people.
  • 2013: Start of cooperation with one of the world's leading new products launch centers, Novartis Stein. Exhibited at two international exhibitions - Powtech in Nuremberg and Pharmtech in Moscow.



We offer unique and complete technological solutions to the leading local and global manufacturers in the life science industries.This way we realize the personal and professional growth of our employees in a challenging and demanding business environment, at the same time supporting the development of the local environment.


By 2025 we shall establish ourselves as a leading provider of unique technological solutions in the life science industries.


Our values -> Clients requirements

Accuracy, expertise and reliability -> quality

Curiosity, excitement and sense of initiative -> innovation

Responsiveness, team work and multitasking -> flexibility

Fairness, respect, commitment and loyalty -> reliability

Business Card

  • Company name: BRINOX inženiring d.o.o.
  • Shortened name: BRINOX d.o.o.
  • Headquarters: Sora 21, SI-1215 Medvode, Slovenia
  • Principal activity: development, planning, manufacture, assembly, and automation of process devices and systems
  • Managing director: Igor Berce
  • Registration number: 5673658
  • VAT identification number: SI76790584
  • Share capital: 1,042,000.00 EURO
  • The company is registered at: Ljubljana district court, registration no.: 1/18934/00
  • Bank account at Abanka: 05100-8011725546

Organizational Structure

More than half of our employees are highly educated specialists.

We are certified by reputable European certifying agencies (TÜV, EHEDG).

Employee structure

Quality and environmental policy

Quality policy

To start with, we build a quality policy inside the company, we inform our employees about it and we are aware that it would be visible from the outside as well. We treat our partners the same way:

  • We put ourselves in their individual situations and listen to their wishes and needs;
  • With our work we place confidence in our customers;
  • We develop long-term partnerships; short-term partnerships are not our first goal and priority.

As a rule, we test our products three times (the first time ourselves, the second time together with the customer upon receipt of the product and the third time on the site at the start-up) in order to prevent any eventual mistakes and achieve both our own and customers’ satisfaction. This kind of approach is necessary because most of our products are unique.

We are flexible and look for solutions adapted to our customer; however, we can also tell when a certain technical solution is not acceptable for us any more on account of negative financial consequences.

We solve problems individually and precisely, not collectively and superficially. We learn from mistakes and spread good practice outside our company. Our fellow-workers trust each other mutually and exchange knowledge and experience.

We monitor the efficiency of our quality management system with internal opinions and use preventive and corrective measures to ensure the constant improvement of our business.

All of us – including those who work in our name as external partners – are responsible for the realization of this quality policy.

Environmental policy

The BRINOX Company is aware of the significance of the clean environment for man, nature and the future, so the environmental policy is an integral part of the business policy. The key activities of the company are engineering and the production of process systems – the latter has a bigger direct impact on the environment and thus offers more options for improvement.

The company’s environmental policy is the policy of all employees and business partners in the organization and is a starting-point for the organized reduction of negative impacts on the environment. In order to achieve this goal we are bound to constant improvements in the production processes, the continuous raising of the environmental consciousness of the employees and the regular monitoring and application of environmental laws.

We express our responsibility with the following:

  • The application of legal and other requirements about the company’s activities;
  • The annual assessment of environmental aspects and the execution of programmes for reaching goals for their improvement;
  • The raising of awareness of the environmental consciousness of our employees;
  • The implementation of environmental policy for suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners;
  • The constant improvement of the system of environmental management and prevention of pollution;
  • The introduction of modern production processes that reach higher standards in the sense of environmental protection.

Acquired certifications:

How to find us?

Brinox d. o. o.
Sora 21
1215 Medvode
T: +386 1 361 97 30

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