Chemical Industry

Brinox is a competent partner and supplier of entire process plants and systems, ranging from laboratory to industrial mass production. 
We offer turnkey solutions that include engineering, manufacture, assembly, automation, qualification, and assistance with validation for entire process systems in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry, food processing industry, and the chemical and other branches of process industry.

Process Systems

For the requirements of the chemical industry, we provide safe, fast, efficient, and cost-competitive customized process solutions especially in productions with the presence of dangerous or sensitive materials and products. 
Our competitive advantage is the ability to independently design, manufacture, and assemble, the automation of key components of process systems for the chemical industry in one place, and to ensure the compatibility of the turnkey process solutions anywhere, anytime.  Making safe safer.

Transfer unit for paints and varnishes Transfer unit for organic solvents Storage of liquid waste Chemical synthesis pipe system Dosing system in silicone production Mixing of sealants Receptacle for powder Screw conveyor Spray dryer Dosing system for powders

Process Units

Apart from designing and implementing comprehensive process systems, we can also design, project and implement individual process components for the chemical industry at the client’s request.

We are distinguished by our extensive experience in the field of design and implementation of process vessels, reactors, and production conveyors in production facilities, where dangerous or sensitive raw materials and products are present.

Mixing of liquid waste Mixer for polyurethane Vacuum reactor Adsorption of dangerous chemical vapors

Process Components

Brinox also offers certain process system components, e.g. hygienic valves, tube heat exchangers, and IBC - containers.

All components are manufactured with exceptional accuracy, which ensures operation virtually without any stopping and with minimal maintenance costs.

Mixing Paddle for viscous substances Hygienic pumps


  • Treibacher Industrie, Daramic, Austria
  • Gruppo Bonazzi, Italy
  • Helios Group / Sava / TKK Srpenica, Slovenia
  • Amerace Microporous Products, USA

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